Lean processes.
for retailers,
and producers.

Foodply offers simplified, customized logistics processes in the food sector. As a hub, we connect food retailers with producers in Germany, Switzerland and beyond. We have developed an extensive range of services for this purpose, which, as a flexible modular system, perfectly meets the needs of our differently sized partners. Whether you only want to outsource individual processes or want us to cover entire areas of your process chain – everything is possible, and together we will find the best solution for your needs and your company.


Optimized logistics For everything fresh

Operational excellence, food know-how, and a high degree of flexibility: with its convenience gate, Foodply offers producers and retailers intelligent and logistics solutions for their ultra-fresh, fresh, and frozen products that are optimally tailored to their needs.

Retailers and producers deliver their goods en masse for this purpose. Modern machinery enables a wide range of packaging solutions (Crosslink) on request. If required, the products can be dated, printed and provided with labels or sleeves. High hygiene areas are available for processing particularly sensitive products. Depending on requirements, the assortments are picked and finished by store, block or mixed picking, and delivered to the customer on schedule.

Your Advantage: With us your workload is significantly reduced allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies


Impressive packaging -
For instant attention.

There’s no second chance at a first impression: that’s why we develop attractive packaging for retailers that suitably represent the product while guaranteeing maximum freshness. Our extensive experience allows us to collaborate and find the best solutions for your product range and implement a wide range of packaging solutions with the help of our modern machinery.

Whether flowpacks, shrink and thermoforming films, sealing trays or cups – we always pack your products in the right unit in a protective atmosphere for optimum shelf life. Even duo or trio packaging, held together with a banderol, for example, is possible. We provide additional attention with stickers or fanfolds.

Your Advantage: assortment arrives with attractive and practical packaging in stores and optimally reaches the end customer.


New products.
For every demand.

It all comes down to having the right “nose”: In times when customers’ preferences and demands can change quickly, you need a strong partner who can sniff out relevant trends and react promptly. Our many years of experience give us a good feel for the demands placed on a new product.

The right product in the right place at the right price in the best quality – true to this motto, we work with our partners to develop strong products that complement your range and make it even more attractive to end customers.

Your Advantage:Exciting new product developments attract attention and thus increase your sales.


Best raw materials.
For the highest quality

We make no compromises when it comes to quality: the careful selection of raw materials and strict compliance with hygiene regulations are basic requirements for quality that you can taste in every bite. With unbroken cold chains and the strictest controls, we ensure that our standards are met by every product that leaves our organisation.

We regularly have these high standards confirmed by certifications.

Your Advantage: Maximum enjoyment with the best quality - this ensures satisfied customers who are always happy to return.


Effective measures
For increased sales

Quick-turnaround products that leave a lasting impression: with convenient products for home and out-of-home markets, we bring real added value to your category. Whether regional or seasonal, we work with you to develop holistic concepts that are well met by enthusiastic buyers in the international retail and foodservice sectors.

We’re also at your side when it comes to sales. We support you in the implementation of customized sales promotions, product placement or in the development of suitable marketing measures.

Your Advantage: With fresh products and intelligent marketing, your products will find their way into the shopping carts of your end customers.